Christopher Gulczynski

This is so simple yet so graphical. It has such a great composition and its really great on the eyes. It creates amazing depth with such simple shapes. I myself want to be able to achieve this great composition with my own work. Create something so simple and speaks to the viewer is a positive way.

waited sketch

Jacob Lysgaard

Such a wonderful piece. The halftone effect around the whole image really adds this movement in the work and plays with your eyes. The one main color used pops out and draws your eye to the center and to the word “waited”.


Nathan Godding

Really a fresh design on this one. Its very smart and only uses one graphic to get the main point across. Very STRONG piece overall with the color and graphic, catches your eye right away. Its so minimal but feels like so much more. I want to convey messages the same way this has been done. I feel the more simple the message the stronger the impact it has.

Swedish matchbox label

Swedish matchbox label

This matchbox creates such a strong visual piece barely using any color. It has such a strong image and would definitely catch someones eye even though its so small. Uses such basic shapes to create the image and has no worry about using details. I want to create strong images like the plane without really relying on much color and detail. I want to get my point across in the simplest way possible.

Most Played Poster Series: Triangle Walks

Most Played Poster Series: Triangle Walks
Jeremy Evans

Just like the other pieces and the ones down my list many of them i like because of the simple and minimal shapes used to create a strong visual image that catches the eye and draws your attention all over the piece. A main reason as to why i like this piece is because of the grey/pink color combo. Ive never really seen work using those two colors together and they work very well.

Basics Poster

Basics – Morning Calm
No Real Name Given

One of the main things i want to incorporate into all of my work is a swiss/japanese style. I feel like this piece does a great job combining both. It has such a great contrast and balance. The color is very easy on the eyes. The name morning calm is perfect for this piece. Even though it has lines rising up at different heights it gives me this calm relaxed feel.

Kieler Woche Poster - 1980

Kieler Woche Poster
Jean Widmer

Very simple shapes but the movement and vibrant colors of the shapes play with your eyes. Adds this great movement to the piece and makes you view the whole piece. I want to branch out and use more color and this piece inspires me to do that. I dont really like to use bright colors.

Archivo 17 Poster

Archivo 17
No Real Name Given

This poster is wonderful! This is what im talking about. First off the typography is great. The font sizes for everything showing whats most important in a clean simple way. Using just regular rectangles and adding that bit of color really adds this effect where it looks like the boxes are attached. The colors used help your eye flow through out the piece.

Archivo 17 Poster

Archivo 17
No Real Name Given

I guess you could say this is a evolution of the poster before. This was made a year later. I must say i like this one a lot more. As ive said before i never really use bright colors and this is just wonderful. The green that is used as the background is great. Being used with the yellow/orange/red it adds this warm fun feel to it.

Asian Poster Art Expo Poster

Asian Poster Art Expo Poster
No Real Name Given

This is probably one of my favorite pieces i have chosen. Color work has a great impact with the white/red reminiscent of old Japanese graphic art. So simple and minimal. THe clouds created and wonderful as well as the bird. I want to play with Japanese culture/art with my own work.


Jude Landry

I have chosen two of her pieces in this post which are the ones above and below. Both of these works have such great typography. I love this one because of the way she treated the text it gives off this 3D effect that plays with your eyes. The way she has placed everything is perfect and to top it all of the snake she created fits in perfectly with the piece.


Jude Landry

I have chosen two of her pieces in this post which are the ones above and below. Both of these works have such great typography. This piece does an even better job at it which is wonderful. I understand she uses more then 2 typefaces but she makes it work. Nothing looks out of place. Everything fits in and she has a great way of showing which pieces of information hold the most importance. Yet again this designer barely uses any color int he work but it catches the eye.


Tim Easley

One of the main reasons why i love this piece is because it features Nike SB boxes. I love collecting Nike SB [Skateboarding] shoes. But that’s not the only reason. He barely uses any detail to create his character. Usually when i draw i ten to create characters that have the same creepy look and feel. The colors that he uses on the boxes are wonderful so bright and rich which catches your eye. overall this is a wonderful poster which i actually own.


Itsuko Suzuki

Itsuko Suzuki is an illustrator based out of Japan. This piece is a bit different from the other ones i chose since its not done digitally. I wish i could use more traditional ways of creating art such as pastels or water color. This piece has a great feel to it very light and minimal but still has so much going on. The colors he uses grab your attention and the ribbons going off the corner of the canvas really draw your eye up to the dogs on the ship.


Yosuke Yamaguchi

Yosuke Yamaguchi is also an illustrator/painter based out of Japan. Unlike the work above this one has more of a dark gloomy feel which i am more drawn to. If i had a choice on how i would want to paint i would love to do something like this. Most of his work actually has this same look and feel to it. The white shapes from above the canvas draw your eye from the top and bring you to the middle where the figures in red stand. The red is such a great choice since it has a nice contrast against the dark blackish background.


Iv Orlov

This was one of the newer works I had found for my inspirational piece. This designer is based out of Russia if you couldn’t tell. There were two reasons as to why this caught my eye. One, the color is just great. Very bright vibrant colors that really catch your eye. Also the type of treatment done on them adds this very vintage look to it. Secondly, the piece is also very minimal where it only used simple shapes to create the subjects in the piece.


The Terry Shop

I love typography, especially when its bold and beautiful. This piece has such a great vintage feel to it but at the same time it feel fresh and new.


Alexander Lis

I wanted to choose something other then posters or paintings and since i also love editorial work here it is! This is probably one of my favorite editorial pieces i have found. I love the colors used on the pages. The red triangles used really catch your eye and draw you in. They almost guide your through the two pages. Has such a great contrast with the blue its wonderful.



I understand when you look at these the first thing that pops into your head is not milk but that doesn’t mean these aren’t wonderful designs. Seeing these pieces makes me fall more in love with the 80’s. Such a simple minimal design with the shapes and colors. The typography is perfect and the white space around everything just adds this calm feeling to it.



This is such a fun piece of work. Using these simple shapes to create many faces. The color choices for each shape are also great. Everything draws your eyes down to the bottom of the work for the rest of the information.


Astronaut Design

I want to use more of my own photography into my pieces. I would love to do something like this. The red crest logo in the center acts as a bulls eye and draws you in. The whole circular feel really plays well with your eye and helps the viewer see the image in the background.


Typeforce 2
Collaboration between many people

First off i just have to say i love the colors used. I am usually more drawn to anything that using a great red/blue together. This whole books has such a great layout design. ?The strips on the cover corresponded to the strips on each artist’s spreads. In this way the viewer was able to quickly scan the book’s upper forage, line up the strips and jump to the desired section. Within each artist’s spread, this strip defined the space for the title spread leading into the work.” which is such a great idea and very helpful to the readers. Every page seems to be designed beautifully.


Antalis Calenclock 2012
Ken Lo

This is just a fabulous design. Everything is well placed and laid out well. The type faces chosen are very clear and bold. I love the simplicity on this.


Nike SB
Dann Petty

Here it is to end everything off a..website! I dont mind webdesign i would probably like it better if i knew how to do it well. This website though is so beautiful. Such a great use witht he images as the background which is what i said before i would like to incorporate more of my photography into my work. Type choices are perfect, they are bold and easy to read and everything seems very well laid out and easy to find. When your on the webpage you know what your looking at.

Personal Work

Above the Influence 2011
Foundations of Illustration

I myself am straight edge [against drinking, smoking, doing drugs]. This piece really means a lot to me. I think it gathers together what I want my work to look like. Have this minimal type look to it but have a strong message behind it. I would want to incorporate this type of style into my senior project. Anything swiss, russian, or japanese would be great.

Masque of the Red Death
Foundations of Illustration 2011

This piece I posted because it took me so long to come up with an idea for this project. It took me till the night before it was due! I myself am very happy witht he outcome of it. Not what i usually like or do but if i was going to do something other then a swiss minimal type feel i would want something dark and gloomy.

Japanese Benefit 2011

This piece i did for a benefit for Japan and was held at an auction and bought! Made me really happy to think someone actually liked this enough to buy it and maybe hang it in their home. Yet again with this piece i was trying to g for a minimal look to it creating images with basic shapes and using unusual hues of colors that you see very often.

Zoo Ad 2011

Cat Ad 2011
Campaign Production

I wouldn’t say these two pieces are my best. I posted these as my last two because i want to rework on them to make them better for my portfolio. I know i could do a better job with the typefaces, where the text is places and better work on the imagery.


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